Ann Smart offers a wide range of counselling services to individuals, couples and family groups in her rooms at the Milford Health Clinic on Auckland’s North Shore. She has experience in working with people of all ages and particularly enjoys working with young adults.

While Ann specialises in loss and grief counselling, she also supports clients with other challenges such as anxiety and depression, stress, relationship difficulties, and workplace issues.

"I had accompanied my 15-year-old son to many different meetings with other counsellors and people trained at helping adolescents, but it was like switching on a light when we met Ann. She was able to get a withdrawn adolescent boy to speak."

- Robyn

Loss and grief counselling

  • Ann offers loss and grief counselling around

  • Relationships - challenges around relationship issues, separation, divorce, trust

  • Bereavement and illness - loss of a loved one, loss of health, loss of independence, loss of a voice, financial impacts, carer stress

  • Loss of a role - for example, children leaving home, loss of a partner/spouse, death of a child, loss of a career or job

  • Pregnancy and birth - infertility, miscarriage, stillbirth, postnatal depression

Other counselling services

  • Relationship counselling - around intimacy, conflict, communication, partner/spouse and family interactions, domestic violence

  • Physical and mental health such as anxiety and depression, stress, issues that accompany illness or physical challenges

  • Employment - workplace bullying, redundancy, retirement, transitions, management skills and strategies

  • Trauma arising from an accident, bereavement, natural disaster

  • For young people - stress, anxiety, fear, relationships, family difficulties, domestic violence, career paths

Ann is happy to talk to you on the phone to see if she is the best person to assist you with the challenges you are facing.

"After my husband passed away and while going through the grieving process, I received the most amazing counselling and support from Ann. Being an experienced counsellor in a variety of situations gives her, I think, a practical and well-rounded approach, a balance to life and a wonderful understanding of people."

- Christine

"I was so impressed, that both myself and my two daughters have also had counselling (with Ann)"

- Robyn

Call Ann Smart on 021 390 725 or email