Ann Smart is a counsellor with over 20 years of experience who works with clients in a variety of areas, with loss and grief her specialty. She has a private practice in Milford on the North Shore in Auckland.

Ann works alongside people of all ages as individuals, couples and family groups. She particularly enjoys the work she does with young adults.

Loss and grief counselling

Loss affects every one of us during our lifetime. It may involve the loss of a relationship, employment, a loved one or arise when we move house, our children leave home or we suffer trauma or ill health.

Different losses can create different experiences. Grief can have different effects on each of us and there is no one way that it can, or should, be experienced. Ann works collaboratively and respectfully with people to discover ways (that are right for them) to live with their loss, whatever it might be.

Ann offers loss and grief counselling around

  • Relationships - challenges around relationship issues, separation, divorce, trust

  • Bereavement and illness - loss of a loved one, loss of health, loss of independence, loss of a voice, financial impacts, carer stress

  • Loss of a role - for example, children leaving home, loss of a partner/spouse, death of a child, loss of a career or job

  • Pregnancy and birth -infertility, miscarriage, stillbirth, postnatal depression

Other counselling services

  • Relationship counselling - around intimacy, conflict, communication, partner/spouse and family interactions, domestic violence

  • Physical and mental health such as anxiety and depression, stress, issues that accompany illness or physical challenges

  • Employment - workplace bullying, redundancy, retirement, transitions, management skills and strategies

  • Trauma arising from an accident, bereavement, natural disaster

  • For young people - stress, anxiety, fear, relationships, family difficulties, domestic violence, career paths

Ann is happy to talk to you on the phone to see if she is the best person to assist you with the challenges you are facing.

"Many people have sympathy but Ann has amazing empathy for and with people"

- Christine

"… it was amazing to find someone who really understands, who is empowering, positive, clear and practical"

- Robyn

Call Ann Smart on 021 390 725 or email annmarlenesmart@gmail.com